Art Director

UX Designer

A little bit about me

Born to an artist father, I’ve always had access to the world of art and design and have been impressed with it’s power over human thought and emotion.  I learned early on that it’s not really about what I want to draw or paint, but what the judge of the art show wants to see, or what the kids in school think is “cool art”.  I love every aspect of art and design and constantly immerse myself in what the latest trend and movements.  Over the last 6-7 years I’ve become fascinated with how design affects human thought and interaction and how design can either lead someone through a process or force them through a process.  So I’m immersing myself in UX and I’m discovering it’s not really what I want to design but it’s the design that will work well for the user.

I like problem solving and bridging the gap between art and engineering,  and user and developer.   Games come with a picky user, the products to entertain them are endless, some of them free. The tolerance for poor UX is thin,  and if they don’t like it, it’s easy for them to tell the world.  It’s made me a better UX designer

Some skills you may want to use someday

Packaging design, Product design, 3d modeling, Copywriting (as long as it’s short..and to the point) Advertising design, You need a t-shirt for the company christmas party.. design?, Interior design, Branding, Company Soccer Team Organizer, Smiling and frowning at the same time.

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Users First?  Product First? Stay Tuned