Bronze Swallow

UX Designer & Art Director

Esthetics and Experience

My concern is that the user cannot only use the product well, but that the products visuals help, not hinder their experience.

Working with both customers

A UX designer works with the end user and filters through their feedback to get them a useable product, the UX designer also filters and helps align stakeholders and colleagues feedback.

Ideation and Exploration

Most of the fun is testing the fidelity of the idea and then realizing it sucks

Responsive Design

I’m on board when it comes to accessing information.  Consistency proves to be a key accessibility point for users.

User Research

I conduct ethnographic studies to discover the behaviors, desires and needs of users. When conducted early,  other opportunities are discovered and the scope of the project is more focused.

UI Design

I’m a visual designer and I love making beautiful UI, but more than that I love making great UX translate into beautiful UI.


NR Information Design


Treehouse Lodge


Ship Station




Old Navy


Indie Built Inc.





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"The craziest, I mean the craziest, funniest, most brilliant ideas come out of Bronze's head, and sometimes I just stare and think... where the crap did that come from?"

− Aaron Connors, Creative Director

"Bronze brings an unmeasurable quality to my business, he has sense of esthetic that translates the right message across to my customers. He's also just easy to work with."

− Vance Cook, Owner - Treehouse Lodge, Bivy

"Bronze is great at getting both sides of the table to agree on the right solution and it always looks beautiful. His team of artists and designers have the utmost respect for him.""

− Matt Peterson - EA

Responsible Design

Radical, “we love it” features can blow up in your face.  It’s well thought out, tested, and scrutinized designs that pay off.

Award Winning Quality

I don’t think I’ve won any awards since high school.  At work it’s just compliments and high fives.

UX Cheerleader

Hurray for UX! But not everyone understands what all the hype is about- “UX seems to slow things down”   “this feature works, why do we need to pay someone to tell me it works?”  – I can help the team understand how UX will make their work stick and be less iterative.


Whenever I get the chance I like to play soccer, even though I’m getting older and less agile.

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